Watch Your Health After 30!
Watch Your Health After 30!

All your 20s you might have experimented a lot with your life choices and lifestyles. But once you hit 30 you should know that things are getting different for you. Ladies, the time has come for you to focus more on your wellbeing. To begin with some good habits, follow these 10 simple rules, check out:   

1. Find the Diet You Love

First thing first, follow a good and balanced diet including fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy products and lots of water. Try to have seasonal and organic fruits and vegetables as much as possible. But it’s not mandatory that you have to skip all nice things like dessert, cake, pastry etc. Have everything but be careful of having a small portion.     

2. Find the Workout You Fit in

Choose a sensible method to stay active. Walk, run or play any sport, try yoga or find out a good workout you are comfortable enough to stick to. Whatever you choose if you are not doing it regularly you won’t find any results soon. Remember the main mantra to stay fit is to stick to your physical activity, whatever it may be! 

3. Reduce Meat Intake  

According to a Harvard University study, cutting out meat once a week decreases your risk of heart disease. Plus your digestive system will thank you for this act. In fact, try to consume animal meat 3/4 days in a week to allow your digestive system to take a break.

4. Check your Calorie Intake

Depending on your BMI, a woman of 30 who isn’t very active needs 1,600 to 1,800 calories per day, said experts. Find out ways to balance the amount of energy you take in with the amount of energy you burn.

5. Say Yes to Health Check-ups

We always prioritize our family’s health but now you should carefully scrutinize your health issues too. Try to get done with your required health check-ups related to blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol level, thyroid etc to be updated about your current health status.

6. Stand More

Do anything and everything you can to stop sitting so much. Sitting is appalling for your health but we can’t help it, right? Atleast you can try to be careful about stand as much as possible in your day.

7.  Know Your Family’s Health History

Keep a good track of your family’s medical history. Knowing is the first rule to prevent any health issue which will be key to your peaceful future.

8. Deal with Your Anger

Learn to use your emotions.  Suppressing your anger can lead to poor-quality sleep which leads to stress and even depression. It’s time to learn more about anger management as well.

9. Focus on Your Posture

In your 30s, you lose more bone than you produce. So make sure to get your recommended daily dose of calcium. Always try to sit up straight and keep your core strong.

10. Pay Attention to Bone Density

Keep a good watch on your bone density. Get plenty of dark leafy greens and up your resistance training as opposed to cardio workouts to keep you strong for the next several decades.

So bring these small changes into your day-to-day life to witness a positive change to your overall health.